Ricky Owens
Ricky Owens
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Crystal Cove

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Crystal Cove


Angel Dynamite


The Freak of Crystal Cove, Professor Pericles

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Amateur sleuth


Mystery Incorporated I

First Appearance

Escape From Mystery Manor

Ricky Owens is one of the missing original Mystery Incorporated members who disappeared in the Crystal Cove Caves.

The original Mystery Inc.'s Ricky is the older counterpart of the younger Mystery Inc.'s Shaggy Rogers due to their appearance and personalities, aswell as their respective friendships with their team's mascots, Professor Pericles and Scooby-Doo.

He also shared a (somewhat) similar relationship with Cassidy Williams to the one shared between Shaggy and Velma Dinkley; Cassidy was attracted to Ricky, and the latter couple were actually in a romantic relationship. Ricky, Cassidy, and Pericles also paired off like Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby, respectively, when looking for clues.


Early life

Insert details here. (Escape From Mystery Manor)

When Professor Pericles flew away from him, Ricky got worried and climbed up an old pipe organ in the old condemned church trying to get him back, although the pipes came crashing down. This led to the accidental discovery of the picture of the Planispheric Disk. ("Pawn Of Shadows")

Insert details here. (All Fear The Freak)

Present Life

Season one

The new Mystery Inc. found a picture of Ricky and his friends in the Crystal Cove High School yearbook.

Ricky Owens is implied to be Mr. E when Professor Pericles wanted Ed Machine to deliver a message to Ricky/ Mr. E. (All Fear the Freak) Both Ricky and Mr. E. wear similar shirts and both sport facial hair, although Mr. E. now has a full beard. If they are in fact the same person, Ricky has put on a considerable amount of weight over the past two decades.


Physical appearance

He was skinny much like Shaggy.


Ricky sometimes messed up through carelessness.