Nan Blake
Nan Blake
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Crystal Cove

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Blake Manor, Crystal Cove


Blake Family


Fred Jones, Sr., Fred Jones, Jr.

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High class Crystal Cove citizen

First Appearance

Beware the Beast from Below

Last Appearance

All Fear The Freak

Nan Blake is the wife of Barty Blake and the mother of four identical daughters, as well as Daphne Blake.


Early Life

Attended the wedding of one of her daughters (currently it is unknown whether it was Daisy, Dawn, Dorothy, Delilah, or an unnamed astonaut daughter) who got married in a space-suit. (Revenge Of The Man Crab)

Present Life

She and Barty talked to Daphne about Fred Jones and the gang.

She refused to go out in the dark and pick up the kids when they were stranded in Gatorsburg.

Tried to get Daphne to date Rung Ladderton. (The Secret Of The Ghost Rig)

Nan was suspected of being a vampire by the gang; Sheriff Bronson Stone even came to her house to question her, which she didn't appreciate.

She and her husband dropped Daphne off at Darrow University, telling her it would be good to spend some time away from the gang after they briefly beaking up.

She and hosted a dinner party for Mr. Wang, and then later let the gang borrow the family boat.

She and her husband came to get Daphne out of jail. Daphne chose this moment to announce that she and Fred were engaged to which she appeared shocked. Then later showed up after the Freak was caught to take Daphne home.

Physical appearance

Nan Blake wears a purple shirt, blue pants, she is tall, she wears a hat, and a green hanckerchief. Her hair is significantly longer than her daughters' and the red is noticably more faded but other than that she is identical to Daphne and her other daughters.


She is sweet, kind, and caring (at least on the surface).

She never noticed that Rung Ladderton was the driver of the Ghost Truck. She looked confused in Revenge Of The Man Crab.

She was friends with Sheila Altoonian, until she realized that Sheila disguised herself as a Vampire.

She was unwilling to go out in the dark to pick up her daughter from a dangerous place, but she was willing to go out in the dark to take notary lessons. This may reveal her selfishnes.