The Freak of Crystal Cove is a humanoid with horns. It was the diguise of


Fred Jones, Sr. who 20 years ago threatened the original Mystery Incorporated.  


The freak spied on the original mystery inc mumbling a poem. (Pawn of Shadows)

The freak approached the original gang wanting the disk piece. (All Fear the Freak)

The freak watched the current mystery inc mumbling another poem. (Pawn of Shadows)

The freak took the piece of the current group and escaped. He saved Fred who almost fell of a cliff. He was unmasked. (All Fear the Freak)


  • The Freak originally had a differant design and was named the Fiend.



  • "From six to one the spell is spun. No time to run; the curse begun."
  • " The curse begun but soon they'll see, the buried truth will end with me."
  • "Me prefer Freak. Freak of Crystal Cove!
  • "Piece MINE!"